Don’t Advertise on Commercial Radio

Picture this, you’re in your car surfing channels trying to find music, not ads.

After 9 different stations, not a single 1 is playing music when you are looking for it and instead are running ads.

You turn off the radio.

This was me over 2 years ago, and I’ve not gone back – instead I listen to the podcasts I want or the audio books I want. Maybe even a playlist or Spotify.

Certainly not free to air commercial radio.

I don’t allow these commercial radio channels to steal my time, and instead get to choose, very specifically what I listen to.

And there’s more choices than ever and most have no ads, I can pay NOT to be served ads or I can fast forward through any ads.

Why then would you even consider advertising on radio?

They can’t tell you who listened, when they listened and what action these so called ‘listeners’  took as a result of hearing your ad. It’s all guess work and dogma of ratings – systems that they invented to justify the rates they charge for ads.

A closed loop.

It’s a scam. Digital is truth.  Raw data, tracked action, prove-able flows.

This doesn’t mean creative isn’t important, in fact its the differentiator. All that is left in the face of the truth of digital data is humanity, subjectivity.

My advice…Forget Radio advertising for sales campaigns (branding is different).

Listen to podcasts, audio books, Spotify yourself to regain the time they are stealing and invest it in yourself instead of a talking head that doesn’t care about you or your business.

Claim YOUR time back from these time-thieves.

…and remember just because you decide to go to digital marketing doesn’t mean your results will be any better. You still need a product or service people want, communicated to them in a way they want to hear/see/watch/consume it on the platforms that have the attention of your ideal audience.



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