What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

Audio is a largely untapped marketing arena for small and local businesses and with virtual real estate shrinking, an untapped opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

When you think of these companies can you hear their tune?

  • Netflix
  • Intel
  • Ted Talks
  • Toyota
  • Law and Order TV Show

This is Audio Branding, and if you are producing/ making videos or audio ( podcasts) – and you should be to be an effective marketer in 2019 and beyond, then its time to get your brand sound.

As a local business you can get involved in defining your brand sound in many ways, here’s a few simple ideas.

  • Create a weekly Spotify playlist and publish it to your audience via your social media channels
  • Play the playlist in store if you have physical locations
  • In your videos and podcasts feature artists from your playlist in the intro and outro
  • Look to service like Artlist.io and find yourself a brand identity that
  • Use service like Upwork.com and Fiverr to find an audio engineer and define your own signature sound


Now is the time to claim your piece of the digital audio pie

If you need some help with your audio branding and digital social media marketing contact us to see how we can help.

I created Shire Media Services to help local Shire business owners take the worry out of the web. To make their website and eCommerce stores produce the outcomes they need cost-effectively. And to do this over time, not just one time.


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