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I want to tell you about the Free Australian Business Directory Site listing service we provide at Shire Media Services to boost your search rankings.

Dis I say free?

I did.

But first, let me very quickly explain what a business directory is and why you need to get this sorted to get found more often in search results.

What is a Business Directory Site?

Business directories are part of the IYP or Internet Yellow Pages. We used to have just the yellow pages, now there are a bunch of websites that provide a similar service.

You might already be familiar with our using some of these yourselves. Names like YELP, Word of Mouth Online or WOMO for short, True Local, Aussie Web, Pink Pages, and of course Yellow pages

So how does getting listed in these business directories help get your business found online?

Picture this, a prospect searches online for your business or for a product or service you provide. Amongst the search results are listings from these business directories.

These sites allow users to leave reviews too, so it’s like a 2nd search engine in a search engine with ratings.

But it doesn’t stop there.

When you have your business listed on these sites, this creates what are called citations.

Citations are any mention of your business online, with or without a link back to your website.

When have your business listed on the Business Directory sites with the most traffic, this creates an authority and credibility mesh that search engines can depend upon.

That is, when the Name, Address and Phone (a.k.a NAP) information in these directories is consistent and consistent with the same information on your website, search engines evaluate you as low risk, authentic and relevant to show in the results.

The volume of these citations also has an impact. The more (accurate and up to date) citations you create the more search engines can confirm your identity, credibility, and authority.


How Do I Get This for Free?

So, let’s get back to free.

First, our Free Top 20 Australian Business Directory Site listing service is only available to Sutherland Shire Small businesses.

You have to qualify by providing your postcode and a business email address.

Then, we’ll send you a simple form to complete so we know the information is relevant and accurate.

Finally, once you’ve sent that back we get busy working on searching, updating and editing your business directory listing.

This normally takes about 2 weeks for us to complete and we send you a report when completed so you know what’s been done with any email addresses.


Why do we do this for free?

Its pretty simple really.

Its part of our marketing strategy.

We know this works and clients are happy with the results this produces.

Ask with all of our clients and services, when we’ve delivered what we promise we ask for a Google Review too.

That’s it. NO strings. NO catch.

Of course, if during the course of execution on the Top 20 Australian Business Directory listings our client’s ask about other services, we’ll do our best to help and guide them in making the right decisions for them.

This might be working with us for a new website design or SEO program, or it might be a recommendation to another business we know that can help them better with another challenge or problem they need help solving.

That’s another reason why we only offer the service to local Sutherland Shire businesses.

To boost your local search rankings, click through to the registration pages and claim your Free Directory listing service.


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