Why Free to Air TV and Foxtel-like Services Are Thieves

How much is your time worth?

This is not a post about “stop wasting your time watching entertainment and get on with business”. I like a good TV series or movie as much as the next person.

No, this is about the new normal.

Paying to NOT be served ads.

Youtube Premium takes what Netflix, Stan – and others are already delivering  – steaming content without any ads – and apply it the the Youtube platform.

Ads on Youtube have been ‘a way of life’ but not any more.

You can pay a small fee, about $10 per month, get served no ads on any of your platforms that you are logged into AND receive exclusive content. Claim all of that Ad-time back.

$10 per month

$120 a year

So how much is your time worth?

Next time you pay for Foxtel and then sit through 5minutes of ads or watch “FREE” to Air TV just think about the time they are stealing from you.

Switch to paid services and stop the time thieves in their tracks. Vote with your wallets.

Pay for Youtube Premium and you’ll never go back to the ‘free’ version.

Yes you pay up front BUT you get to choose how you spend you time rather than paying for someone to steal it from you!




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