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Who Reads Junk Mail Anyway?

If you are a local Sutherland Shire business and you are still paying for Junk Mail to be delivered to resident’s mail boxes I have some questions for you.

  1. How many people see it?
  2. How many people read it?
  3. How many times does it get re-read?
  4. How do you know that?
  5. What’s your cost of customer acquisition using junk mail?
  6. How do you connect your junk mail directly to every lead, initial sale, all future sales?
  7. How many…

Get the picture?

Our opinion of junk mail is that its like confetti from a confetti cannon.

When it first arrives ( you see the printed version ) it appear wonderful, ‘your business name up in lights’

Problem is, in just a few seconds it falls to floor and it junk.

It gets swept away and forgotten, just like your junk mail.

Money wasted.

ZERO ROI and no way to prove otherwise.

Whereas, digital advertising platforms allow you to track every single aspect so you can answer all of those questions. Facebook, Instagram, Google and more, provide deep, detailed, digest-able data that guide better decision making to maximise your ROI.

“Online  marketing doesn’t work!” – Have you heard or read the recently?

I say 2 things to that:

  1. How do you know? Have you done it yourself?…persisted with it to figure out what works best for your business and your  customers? Or was it just someone else’s opinion?
  2. How is that any different to Junk mail?!
  3. Facebook and Google (and others) are among the world’s largest company’s – because of advertising revenue. If it were true that ‘it didn’t work’ then 100’s of millions of people have been scammed for decades.

The truth is you either haven’t tired or haven’t done it right.


So, one last question.

If your competitors are doing digital and you’re still stuck in the 20th century using paper, what chance do you think you have?

it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.

Charles Darwin


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