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If Customers Can’t Find You, They’ll Find Competitors

HINT: most customers use search engines to find a product or service.*


of customers say search is important or very important when finding or considering a business*


of small businesses currently use SEO and only 9% use Search Engine Marketing*


of small businesses have no intention of using Search Engine Optimisation*


of small businesses have no intention of using Search Engine Marketing (paid search)*

As you can see there is a HUGE *GAP* between how consumers seek out products and services and how small businesses expect to be found!

Simply by using Digital marketing services with both SEO and SEM you can dominate your competition online who are not.

The GAP is the opportunity for your business. We’ll help you fill it.

* 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report

if customers can’t find you they may find your competitors instead.

I don’t need digital marketing services, we have word of mouth. Sound familiar?
Whilst customers ranked word of mouth highly (71%) they ranked it 3rd behind
Online Search and Online Reviews.

2018 Tesltra Small Business Intelligence Report

Digital Marketing Services that Wont Break-the-Bank and Will Provide a Return on Investment

Our business is helping small businesses navigate the challenges of digital marketing services to drive scale and speed of results.

Blogging and Inbound Marketing

Blogging remains an effective digital marketing services method to drive interested customers to your website and offers.

We offer a 2 hour workshop on blogging best practice for small businesses.

video marketing

Video rules today. You need video to be relevant to your customers, whether you’re a hairdreser, a butcher or an interior designer.

If you’re not making video for your customers you’re not maximising your opportunities to build your audience.

social media marketing

facebook, instgram, twitter, snapchat, linkedin and more. We choose the right platforms for your customers – to earn their attention, create a vibrant community and provide an experience that results in sales.


Voice is back in a big way. Customers love voice because it saves them time. We can help you to take your existing content and make it podcast ready and show you how to create 1 piece of content and make it suitable for Podcast (and video, blogging, Alexa, social media)

alexa 'voice' skills

Voice is the new frontier and your business has an opportunity now to purchase the digital equivalent of beach-front property on Cronulla beach!

Own the space before your comeptitors even know what it is! We’ll get it done for you.

mobile app development

Sometimes a Mobile App is needed to meet your customer’s expectations.

We create Mobile Application specifications. This forms the foundation on which successful apps are built. We’ll help you get it right.

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