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Looking for some actionable local digital marketing tactics for your small business?

As a web designer web developer and digital marketer, right now, a lot of customers are looking for a magic pill or strategy that’s going to be the breakthrough tactic that propels their business.

In my experience, it’s not 1 strategy rather a lot of specific tactics that make the difference between success or, not.

Today’s tactics are about getting your website found by your ideal customers.

If you’re web designers or web developer is not doing this , or if that’s you , try these 3 simple tactics to boost your rankings in the next few weeks.

Once you complete this give the search engine’s some time to work through it, and remember to request a re-indexing when you’re all done.

Practical Tactical Local Marketing Tip 1

Is your business logo visible on every page?

It probably is.

So this is a great way to have your business name on every page in text for search engines to read!

One of our recent customers, Julie Clarke who provide Antenatal Birth Classes Sydney, had her website redesigned by Shire Media Services.

The website name is “Julie Clarke Clam Mindful Birth”

The alt description for the logo is, therefore “Julie Clarke Clam Mindful Birth”

The simple and effective way of reinforcing to search engines what the logo, pages/posts and website is about.

Works a treat.

Just search for Julie Clarke Calm Mindful Borth and see where the website ranks on Google!

Try Variations too. This tactic works a treat for rankings. 😉

Practical Tactical Local Marketing Tip 2

Practical Tactical #2  is to work through all of your images on all of your pages and make sure you have the correct ALT tag for them.

Most people leave these ALT tags as blank or use them incorrectly.


We’ll stick with the Julie Clarke website example for now.

About halfway down the homepage, there is a photo of Julie.

The ALT tag for the photo is: “Julie Clark Calm Mindful Birth – Antenatal Courses Sydney”

Further down the page is a logo for a medical organisation. The alt tag for that photo is: “Calm Mindful Birth – Antenatal Course back by evidence based research – WHO”

In both instances, the Keyword ‘Calm mindful birth’ is used and some additional information pertinent to the image, page and site.

You need to come up with your own nomenclature and apply this to every image on every page. This is my suggestion.

[name of wesbite] – [description of photo] – [service/product name]

Mix these up! Make sure you never use the exact same nomenclature over and over. For example, I might mix this up to read:

[description of photo]  – [name of wesbite] –  [service/product name]

and the next image would be tagged like this:

[service/product name] -[description of photo] – [name of wesbite]


Practical Tactical Local Marketing Tip 3

Ok the 3rd and final is an extension of the first two

These days, icons are often used to draw attention to blocks of text and to visually indicate what the content and context is.

These icons are actually modified text and do not allow an ALT tag to be attached to them

However, you really want to have as many images as possible on your website with the correct ALT tags. So what do you do?


Find some good looking small images with 1 or 2 colours and use them on your pages INSTEAD of the ‘text-icons’

If you find the right types they’ll be a few kilobytes (kb) or even a few bytes so they wont impact loading times much.

Staying with Julie Clarke, but looking at the Portfolio page here on Shire Media Services, you can see we have a number of icons representing the services we provide.

I could have used text icons, instead, I found some images and optimised them.

Practical tactical local marketing for Sutherland Shire - example - Shire Media Services

In this way each of those images has an appropriate ALT tag relevant to the icon, page and website.

These represent an opportunity to provide context for search engines about the page and the website as a whole.

Again, work out your own nomenclature for the image’s ALT tags.


Smarter Digital Marketing for Sutherland Shire Small Business

These kinds of efforts to get that extra 1% from your website is what we do at Shire Media Services.

As everyone becomes more competitive and more obsessed with Social Media, attending to these small details on your website can have a positive impact on your search rankings.

This means getting found more often, by more customers, before they find your competition.

We can help with your website design or redesign. Click the button get a quote and organise a face to face meeting with a like-minded local business person!




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