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MMI Logistics Business Overview

John Fletcher has been in Logistics for almost 3 decades. MMI Logistics (Machinery Movers International) is a logistics operation primarily focused on national and international transportation of machinery and other heavy goods.

However, MMI Logistics also provides more traditional freight complete services for their network of clients internationally including many local shire small businesses who import from Asian markets for consumer products.

They have a great tag line – ‘Your Freight. Our Business’

MMI Logistics Digital Marketing Review

MMI Logistics has a functional website with all the basic and necessary information about the operation and a simple web form to get in touch and make a booking.

The website has some good quality imagery and design which is an important visual and physiological indicator of the businesses main activities and stature

However we were unable to find any other Digital marketing or traditional marketing activities related to MMI logistics and when speaking with John Fletcher he recognised there is more that could be done, but exactly what, by whom and an uncertainty about the time required to perform any of these tasks has meant that no further was actioned at this time.

When speaking with John its clear that he understands the need to have a website so potential clients can find him and know that his business is real. It’s also clear that John’s expertise is logistics not Digital marketing. There’s nothing wrong with that and this is a common amongst smaller business operators.

Small business operators simply don’t have the time it takes to learn all the digital skills let alone execute on them and need a trusted adviser to deliver.

A better option for small business marketing can be to allocate an appropriate portion of revenue to a marketing budget and employ an agency to develop, deploy and monitor the marketing campaign. This can be achieved for as little as $5000 per annum or as much as $100,000 or more depending on the industry, revenue and desire for growth.


How Could MMI Logistics Do More?

If we were going to assist MMI Logistics to do more online with their digital marketing we would make a few initial recommendations.

Here’s just 3 that could provide some immediate benefit.

  1. Write a few blog posts a month about some of the challenges customers experience, and how MMI solves them. Inbound marketing like this provide further credibility, authority and widens the net for new customers.
  2. Reach out to industry bodies, local chamber’s of commerce and do some local networking. John is already well connected locally and in the industry and these types of organisations and events help with staying abreast of local business leaders, trends and market sentiment.
  3. List on some review and site directories to provide customers an opportunity to leave positive reviews. This recommendation is usually #1 especially for consumer facing businesses, however the nature of the logistic and the equipment being transported means this is lower on the priorities scale.

Reviews and testimonials help both customers and search engines and the citations on these pages will provide some guidance to Google that MMI Logistics is a relevant and suitable place to show searchers.


With respects to the website, beyond adding the blog, we would recommend:


  • security hardening at a server layer,
  • update to a secure site (https) as Google has indicated https will become more important for ranking in search results and
  • Update some of the CTA’s (Calls to Action) with brighter more prominent buttons
  • Some additional pages with more specific information about the range of services provded.


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