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Mountain Valley Meats Overview

For full transparency, Shire Media Services created the Mountain Valley Meats website.

There’s always been a butcher’s shop on the corner of Gannons Road and Burraneer Bay Road, Burraneer and for the last 15 years its been Mountain Valley Meats. Owned and operated by Larry who has been a butcher for the last 25 years.

Larry’s focus is on hormone free, natural and hand selected produce from Australia. The beef is all Hereford Grass fed, the lamb is hand selected form Victoria and the Pork is 100% Australian, even though 80% of all pork products in Australia are imported!  Not at Mountain Valley Meats.

The butchery is more than just beef, lamb and pork with a selection of in season game meats and a wide selection of preservative free dressings, sauces, stocks and broths. All made in Australia and all from natural ingredients.

Right opposite Burraneer Bay Public school, the hair dresser, nail salon and corner convenience store, Mountain Valley Meats is a hub of the corner.

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Mountain Valley Meats Digital Marketing Review

The Mountain Valley Meats website ( ) is securely hosted, all images are optimised to make it fast and its mobile optimised. Whilst Larry does not sell online through an e-commerce store, the website serves as a information portal for customers looking to understand the produce sold better.

The website also has a selection of video recipes and printable recipes that work with the produce sold in store, in particular the beef and lamb recipes which are fast and easy to prepare and watch for delicious meals.

Mountain Valley Meats also operate a facebook page with regular recipe videos, recipe plans, event promotions like the National Steak Sandwich day. They have claimed their Google myBusiness page with all details up to date and they have an in-store QR code scannable card to ensure customers can leave a Google review for them.

Finally  they have an instagram page focused on images of quality produce.

How could Mountain Valley Meats Do More ?

Like a lot of smaller business, when it comes to using internet technology, Mountain Valley Meats could be doing more with both online and offline marketing beyond the website.

The signage out the front of the store could be used for providing funny and interesting quotes – related to meat or otherwise.

This would serve to provide ‘photo-opps’ for the mums and dads dropping off kids and visiting the nail and hair solan – to share it on their social media platforms expanding reach and visibility of #mvmeats.

This tactic may work to raise awareness and grab the attention of the foot traffic that visits the area daily Monday to Saturday.

Facebook Live video and Instagram stories would be an interesting digital marketing plan for Larry.

He is passionate about his produce and he knows where it comes from, great ways to prepare it and Larry would be great on camera. This genuine, live approach of the local butcher providing useful information in real-time about the quality produce he has spent 25 years selecting and selling would be gold for their business.

All that’s needed is a mobile phone and a regular facebook live video 3 times per week about the specials in store, preferred methods to cook and what’s in season at the moment.

Its free other than the time to record the video live and there are some legitimate for using facebook live for business.

BBQ Event at the front of the store is a more grass roots approach to marketing that would produce a good buzz on social media channels with local residents and passing trade, especially by promoting the event of facebook.

A tasting BBQ for their gluten free sausages, where a gold coin donation to a pre-defined charity would produce good-will for the butchery, help a needy charity and provide an opportunity for customers to taste just how good the produce is.

Most everyone loves the smell of sausages cookin’ on the barbie and the donation goes to a good cause. Notification to the local Leader newspaper would see online and printed media coverage for Mountain Valley Meats.


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