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How much is a website?

This is often the first question we get when asked about websites.

However, there are many items to understand before discussing cost. Here are some of the questions we address before developing a web design proposal:

  • What is the goal of your website?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What functionalities would you like your site to have?
  • Do you need custom graphics and pictures designed?

A very important point to remember is that a professionally designed website is an investment, not a cost. Sounds like a cheesy tagline I know, but many of my clients’ websites are the life blood to their business and have come back to me after originally deciding to go a “cheaper” route.

However considering that 48% of customers will stop considering a small business if it doesn’t have a website* if you want access to sell to that 48%, you better get started.

*2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report







Typically we estimate projects in 4 ranges:

1) Small Web Site = Starting at $1,500+

Typically this provides a landing page site (one page with multiple sections that users scroll through) OR a small 3-5 page site that has basic functionality.

This is the starting point.

Even a seemingly “simple site” isn’t that simple because we are in the business of helping our clients improve their business via their web presence – so even a one page/landing page site must be carefully crafted to get seen and get the attention of your customers and be ready for future growth.

Its not just about putting text and images on a digital page to look good, although there is quite some skill in that.

Security, loading times, optimisation and standards compliance all need to align to produce the best result.

2) Medium Site = Starting at $2,500+

Web site in this range would be between 5-10 pages with some cool functionality like galleries, advanced contact forms, calendars and so on.

For this price range we can create a basic blog and page editing ability.

3) Large Site = Starting at $3,500+

Now we are getting past the 15-20 initial page design likely with more advanced functionality and integrations like email sign ups, advanced template creation and training for blogging or staff to take control of a website.

We also create basic E-commerce sites in this range for a small range of products.

4) Extra Large Site = Starting at $4,500+

This range includes e-commerce with a more advanced set up and generally includes sites that are larger in page number and have advanced functionality, training, etc.

All of the website we build for clients are built for scale, growth, easy edit-ability and updating capacity moving forward.

Our goal is to create client’s a value for money web site, not re-invent the wheel when we want to add new plugins, tools or functionality.

All of our clients are provided with resources, training and custom consulting to make sure they know how to utilise their site and are getting their best return on investment.

Not just when the website is handed over but as their business evolves and grows the website will ideally do the same.

If you’re still just in the market for a “cheap” site, I recommend using a site like or looking a do-it-yourself builder like Wix or SquareSpace and seeing how that goes.

How long does it take to design and deliver a website

For web design projects, and after we have undertaken the initial consultation sessions and all information provided at the start of the project, our aim is to get the homepage and a few sub pages ready for review within 15-20 days.

Once the design and layout is approved, then we move forward with the rest of the site.

The majority of my website design projects last between 30-60 days but if your website is much smaller – say 5 pages it will take less time. Likewise if it much larger – say 50 pages, it will take longer.

Do you provide web site maintenance and security plans?

We’ve created our website security and maintenance plan initially to protect our clients sites from getting hacked.

We have since found there is a further need for our clients once their site went live…maintenance and optimisation.

Once a website is live, it’s not only important to protect it from malware and hackers that can take your site down and destroy your Google rankings, but it’s also important to keep the tools in the site updated and to make sure the site as a whole is running quickly and efficiently.

But that’s not all – our plan includes backups, monthly reports and more!

Essentially, we’re on your side and we’ve got your back to make sure your site is protected, updated, maintained and working for you 24/7/365 as best it can without interruption.

This product is a subscription plan which can be paid monthly, or for a discount, annually where a 1 month savings is realised.

Learn more about the Website Security and Maintenance Plan

How does the design process work?

Web Design projects start with your online goals and business goals.

That is, what do you hope to achieve with your website  – often these goals are the same as your business goals and your new website is a way you think you can reach more customers, more often, even when your ‘bricks-and-mortar’ store is closed or you are sleeping!

After you have completed the website quote form, we schedule a 1 hour appointment and have an open conversation with you about your business, website goals, business goals. This helps you to really tell us what you want and for us to ask some questions to make sure we nail the design and effectiveness of your new website.

Then we develop a vision as to how your website will look, how it will engage your customers, help you find new customers and grab the attention of your competitor’s customers –  and more importantly, how it will represent you as a professional, moderm business.

If it’s your first time working with a developer to build your website, no worries, no question is stupid or dumb. We’d prefer you ask all the questions you have until you are comfortable.

Check out our web design process here if you need more information about the nitty gritty.

Can you help if someone else built our website

Yes, we can evaluate your current website, listen to your concerns about design, performance, effectiveness and then provide some solutions to make your website the effective marketing tool it needs to be.

Sometimes, a quick review & revamp is all that is needed.

Sometimes, the best things is a monthly plan to incrementally improve your exisiting site.

Sometimes, you need to start again.

Our review process we’ll provide you option relevant to your goals and the current state of your website.

Just visit the >>> Contact Us <<< page and select Website Review as the reason for contacting us.

What do you actually do?

Web design is just one part of Shire Media Services, but often our client’s websites form the pillar of their digital properties.

In addition to web design – inlcuding e-commerce and building online forums – Shire Media Services also provides a range of digital marketing services such as Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media marketing management.

Finally, a key part of oiur business is Private Business Improvement Consulting.

A client’s business may be growing too slow or too fast with too many plates spining at once and they require some expertise on how best to set, re-evaluate and work towards these goals in clear time frames with clear budgets, processes and execution plans. People are so busy working in their business they forget to work on their business and that’s when we can help with a fresh set of experienced eyes.

You can learn more about the Private Business Consulting Product here

Do you have an hourly rate?

Our services are catered to our clients needs, timeframes and functionality and as every project is different we typically handle these projects at a fixed rate price.

Having said that, we do provide a retainer package enabling clients to purchase design time hourly and use it whenever they need it, for website updates for example.

Currently, that is $220/hr at a minimum of a 2 hour retainer. ($440 minimum 2hours). Remember if you are an existing client you receive 1 hour free per month to make any small changes or adjustements to your website that you may need. Just another reason to request a web design quote today.

Once our website designs are completed and live, we offer clients a reduced hourly rate to manage content changes, edits and graphic work at our $95/hr rate.

how do you handle payments

Web design projects are managed with an investment of 50% up front and 50% upon completion.   Simple.

Payment must be made in full before items are published to web.

For projects on a larger scale, we offer payment options in a 40%, 40%, 20% time sensitive agreement. Direct deposit is preferred, however we do accept credit cards through a PayPal interface – either from a PayPal account or via their Credit Card processing service.

What are your rates for SEO and SEM - Search Engine Optimisations

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) packages start at $299 per month, for up to 15 keywords. More keywords attract a higher per month fee to manage.

A typical SEO campaign for 15 keywords over 6 months costs about $1794. Payments are made monthly to help clients manage their cashflow.

It is important to understand that SEO results do not happened immediately and an SEO campaign typically takes between 3 and 6 months to achieve an appropriate ranking across the chosen keywords.

We recommend a minimum of 6 months for any SEO campaign.

Of course all of this SEO – getting ranked highly for keywords on the search engines, don’t matter if the website and landing pages that are presented to your prospects are not delivering them answers to their questions or solving their ‘search problem’.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is also known as PPC (Pay per click) can produce faster results – that is, more instant traffic.

However clients pay a customer acquisition fee ( per click ) to get the traffic to their sites and SEM is a larger and more sophisticated process than SEO. Understanding the desired outcome, budget, current and acceptable cost of customer acquisition need to be considered. There’s no point sending traffic if you are attracting the wrong type of customers.

We work with clients to understand all the metrics, who their customers are, what their differentiators are, why customers buy from them, business goals and outcomes to deliver an SEM plan, and execute it for our customers.

We provide customers a fixed monthly fee for all setup and management  and execution of SEM campaigns.

Pricing starts at $399 per month for 60 keywords. For 450+ keywords typical spend for management and execution of an SEM program would cost about $500 per month.

We suggest that at least the same amount again is allocated for ad spend. In this arrangement the amount spent on your ads can be increased and decreased based on results, but the fixed budget cannot.

There is a month to month agreement on campaigns, with a report sent to you at the end of each active month, you can then decide to continue for the following month at that stage.

Depending on your business and where you customers are (that is, where their attention is – Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Email) we provide:

  1. Plan the campaigns across different platforms
  2. Design the creative (design ads and copywriting),
  3. Monitor what is working and what is not,
  4. Scale the successful ads that are sending the best quality traffic (you are attracting the right customers that want your offer for the price you want to get)
  5. Test, test,test before committing the majority of ad spend.


Email me directly to enquire further simon at or complete the contact us form.


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