It’s 2018, Does Your Small Business Still Need a Website?

It’s 2018 and 49% of Australian Small Business still don’t have a website.

That also means that 51% of small businesses do and if you don’t and you’re not marketing to your customers and prospects online then you’re invisible.

Yet small business owners have the 3 same burning questions. 

  1. How do I make more sales?
  2. How do I get paid more for all the hard work?
  3. How do I get everything done in the time available and manage my stress and maintain my health?

In short, yes, a website remains a fundamental component of your digital marketing ecosystem, and a great website forms the foundation of all other branding, promotional and direct sales activities.

Consumers Want Small Businesses to be Online

One of the most critical factors for small businesses to have a website is that your prospects and customers want to find information about you online.

This is sales and marketing 101.

Be where your customers are and give them what they want.

48% of customers will stop considering you if you don’t have a website and unless you are prepared to ignore more than 50% of the market’s needs, a small business website design is the place to start.

Many small businesses believe their social media accounts are a substitute for a good website. As facebook and Instagram, for example, are free and easy to setup up for themselves, the belief is that a website is not needed.

These businesses see the saving in the website development as an advantage but underestimate the time needed to curate a social media presence and overestimate social media’s influence on customer’s buying behavior.

Only 10% of consumers will stop considering your business if you don’t have a facebook page – as an example.

Yet 48% of prospects will stop considering you if you don’t have a website. Those numbers tell a different story to many small business owner’s beliefs.


What is the Cost of the Problem Your Digital Marketing Solves?

Of course, social media is an important part of your marketing mix and understanding the time and effort involved to actually make this an effective tool is critical.

Being educated about social media will inform your decision about having a website too.

With all marketing and all solutions, understanding the cost of your problem is the first step in understanding how to solve that problem.

I outlined some of these problems in the beginning

  • Get more sales
  • Get paid more
  • Do it in less time

Each business owner will value these differently, and assigning a cost to these problems will influence how much you can invest in a new website or a website redesign.

If you have a $10,000 problem is a free facebook page likely to solve that problem by itself?

Unlikely without the content being posted, videos being made, engagement with visitors and interactions on facebook groups and other pages in complementary markets.

My 13-Year-Old Made my Business Website

It’s true that website development tools are easier to use than ever before and that has made simple websites easier than ever before to publish.

However, a website that is not only well designed but also well-developed, acts as an automated tool to solve these problems. These are 2 different parts of the same whole.

  • Website design is how the site looks and feels; how well it meets your brand identify and communicates your message to your customers and prospects.
  • Website development is the technical part of your website; the webforms, the call to action buttons; the micro-interactions and speed, including how great it looks and operates on mobile devices and desktop.

If you’re in a position to leave the outcome of your online success to a teenager then read our complete article on choosing a web designer which provides a lot of DIY hints, hacks tips and links.

If the cost of your small business problem warrants professional help then reach out to Shire Media Services for a free 30-minute consultation.


Statistics used in this article quoted from the 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report.


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