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step 1: select website type

All website types require a 50% commencement deposit prior to work starting, and the final 50% paid to publish your website,  after joint review.

Upon completion of this form you will receive instructions for next steps to get your website online fast and simply.

Just 2 steps remain to get your project started…

Why are your prices so low?

We believe the web doesn’t have to cost the world.

We also believe that you have better things to do than to learn how to use an online website builder, setup email addresses and struggle to make your website communicate your brand at its best.

Leave that to us.

What happens after I press the get started / select package button?

After you press the get started button you will be taken to a page to select your support and maintenance package.

After you press the get started button we receive an email notification of the preferences you have indicated you would like for your website development.

We will then call and make and either make a time to learn more about your business on the phone or via Zoom, or we can visit face to face if you are a local customer.

The pricing won’t change, we won’t try and sell you to a more expensive option. We’ll get on with the business of creating your website and turning your dreams into an online reality.

Why do I have to choose ongoing support package?

Part of your fee web development project is the ongoing security and maintenance packages we provide.

It has been our experience that when a customer knows someone has their back for their website they can be more effective at growing their business without the worry of the web.

If a change is needed quickly or urgently an SMS, email or phone call is all that’s needed and you know its done. You don’t have to negotiate a price each time, hit limits on support hours etc.

Your website is built professionally and maintained the same way.

…here’s some of our Google reviews

Julie ClarkeJulie Clarke

Every now and then you are fortunate enough to meet someone with extraordinary talent and integrity, who restores your faith in professionalism.
Simon Richardson has been that person for me in 2018!
He is obviously a website genius. I know this because I have had 6 websites over about 15 years and none can compare to Simon's.
Prior to calling Simon though my business was struggling severely, although I actually had a new website it was to say the least under-performing.
My potential clients were unable to find what they needed, they were disappointed and my bookings slid to almost non-existent.
I was miserable and constantly frustrated with the expensive new website I'd commissioned to be finished in late 2017 it was completed months after my deadline which created endless difficulties for me, when I tried to get the previous web developer to fix the problems they explained they had a lot of personal problems and personnel problems and had since retired. I was up the creek without a paddle.
The advice my friends gave was to turn to Dept of Fair Trading but I didn't want a long battle and something told me the previous web developer was a write-off. Let it go, I thought, otherwise it would be a waste of energy.
I could see the wisest thing to do was to find someone new who was obviously savvy with a positive constructive mindset I could work with as quickly as possible.
I didn't know who to turn to and I asked around a few friends who all had problems with their websites and developers too - wow I didn't realise this was such a common issue for business people.
Searching the internet for the right person was daunting, but I cam across Simon's website went over every detail with an eagle eye and my intuition fired off "this is the one".
I rang him, explained rapidly, met with him in front of my computer, went all over my website with him and he pointed out many of the shortcomings I hadn't even realised were there, yet they were so obvious and disastrous.
Simon listened very carefully to all my answers to his questions. He has a very sharp mind, which cuts through a messy situation to a smart solution quite efficiently.
He examined, like a detective the ins and outs of what was needed in my website for my business to recover and grow.
Then he set about to pull it together for me very confidently and he has certainly achieved exactly what was required.
To be honest the way this feels for me at the conclusion of the whole experience is that Simon has turned up with a magic wand and performed a miracle for me in a very short space of time.
I am shaking my head with amazement and very impressed with his abilities.
Simon has wrapped together the most modern concepts in web design, simplified it for the clients to be able to use the brand new site quickly and easily.
There is no "brain pain" for my potential clients anymore and this has been the most important outcome.
I am massively relieved and grateful to Simon for his brilliance.
Simon has proved himself to be not only brilliant in his work, but also patient, understanding, insightful, a very logical, rational, solution finder, who is also extremely efficient.
I've discovered it's unusual to have the professional skills for technology and yet a likable personality who get's people - yes Simon has it all wrapped up.
If you are in need of a new website, you can be completely confident in Simon to be able to take care of the whole project for you. My advice is put yourself in his hands and work with him to the best of your ability and you'll also end up with an extremely positive outcome.

kody stearmankody stearman

Supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. My website page rankings have improved (non existent previously), website bookings have increased. All that we have planned and organised initially have come full circle with results and I'm very happy to have them as part of my small business. Highly recommend.

Geoff ClarkeGeoff Clarke

Simon has been outstanding with the help he has given me to set up my new website. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and always made me feel like all my needs would be met. I would strongly recommend Simon to anyone needing expert help and advise with their website.

Lyn TripodiLyn Tripodi

I highly recommend Shire Media Services, Simon came out to our business , he listened to our requirements and went through our options in a easy to understand way, he has provided us a website that looks amazing and has already has increased our customer base. Simon continues to monitor our page and offers suggestions to keep our page up to date, thanks Simon .

Harry SimidisHarry Simidis

Shire Media Services were very accommodating and understanding of our needs when it came to web site development and on-line marketing, in general. Their in-depth industry knowledge was essential in forming the framework and overall look and feel of our website.
We're very pleased with the result and would recommend Simon and his team to anybody looking for professional web site development services with reliable, ongoing support.
Thanks, Simon.

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